Cornelia Kraai House

10 Clinton Place, Fairport NY 14450

ClintonPlace10 Web400This architectural beauty at 10 Clinton Place is secreted around the corner from South Main Street sitting discreetly amongst its 20th century neighbors.

The 1976 Survey of Architecture in the Village of Fairport rated the property as Green Plus with "great importance to the neighborhood". The 1858 map and research shows that the early ownership in 1852 to the Rev. Daniel Johnson. At that time, it was located at 138 S Main Street. The 2014 Survey of the Village rated this house as Red, the highest rating and very important architecturally and  historically to the community.

The home was moved to its present location about 1885. The Beck and Pauli lithograph of 1885 shows it at the Main Street location. It is likely that Mr. & Mrs. (Mary A. Walker) Truman Butts moved it to make room for a larger home on Main Street, which was completed in 1886.

It is a charming Greek Revival cottage with a front facing gable and two side wings, breezeway and attached garage. It retains its original first floor windows and period wooden shutters (hinged to open/close) except for the garage front doors and floorboards.


For more information on the FHPC and designated landmarks, go to the village preservation page or the village website.


This house at 10 Clinton Place was originally located at 138 South Main Street.

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