Warner-Golia House
25 Woodlawn Avenue, Fairport NY 14450


As one walks down Woodlawn Avenue in Fairport, one can't help but notice the beautifully maintained home at #25. The Warner-Golia House, built in the 1880's, was designated a Village Landmark in April 2011 by the Fairport Historic Preservation Commission.

The photo at right was taken in 2014.

Stick Style with Federal Door

The house was built in the Stick Style, a Victorian variation, and is one of a very few Stick Style houses in Fairport.

Significant Stick Style elements in this home are the patterns created by the use of sticks in the upper front gable and above the second story windows. The shingles on the second story were applied in varied patterns. The curved braces on the front and second story porch and the curved brackets with a medallion on north and south sides of the house are significant elements.

The Federal entrance with a fanlight and side transom is a rarely found architectural element in Fairport houses.



George H. Warner

The George H Warner family lived at 25 Woodlawn from 1912 to about 1971. Mr. Warner was a Director of the Fairport Savings and Loan from 1921 to 1966-45 years! He retired from the American Can Company in 1942. The Warner Family contributed to and were active in village life for almost 60 years.

The Golia Family

The Golia Family purchased the house in 1974. Their love for their home is shown in the meticulous care given for almost 30 years as the colored stained glass windows on the third floor shine like jewels in the sunlight. The Historic Preservation Commission designated this home in 2011.


For more information on the Fairport Historic Preservation Commission and designated landmarks, go to the village website at www.fairportny.com or to the Village Preservation page.



Horizontal & diagonal boards, patterned shingles decorate the surface.

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Unusual for this period of home is a beautiful federal style door.

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