Special Delivery: From One Stop to Another on the Underground Railroad
by Rose O'Keefe

SpecialDeliveryBookOKeefeRosePRWhat would it be like to have one of the most famous escaped slaves in the world for a father, and the strong woman who held their home life together for a mother? It would mean being used to all kinds of people showing up on the family’s doorstep any time of day or night– and the worse the weather, the better. It would also mean watching your every word and step when you’re away from home.

When Frederick and Anna Douglass’ eleven-year-old son Lewis hears his father tell the family they are moving from their gracious home on Alexander Street to a homestead on the edge of Rochester, New York, he feels shocked at leaving their lively neighborhood. But when his father tells him he must learn to drive a team of horses to help with the move, Lewis is at a loss for words at the thought of this daunting task – and has no choice but to agree.

Each copy is autographed by the author!

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