Three Weeks in Utica - Book 2 
by Dorothy Stacy

StacyDorothy3WeeksInUticaBk13-year-old Rose Stewart is in Utica where she must face the challenge of another new place, new relatives, and endless work. Over-whelmed and homesick, she befriends a neighbor girl, and starts to feel better about her situation until Seth and Samuel, Maggie’s older brothers, appear giving Rose more to fret about.

Rose discovers the prosperity and beauty of the 1840s Utica when she visits the Clinton Market, tours the city, attends a frolic at one of its many mansions, and picnics on the banks of the Erie Canal. Farm Life in 1840 was hard work, but people took time for enjoyable neighborly activities.

Rose learns how to quilt, participates in a quilting bee, and makes butter. She clashes with Maggie’s brother, Seth, and makes a new friend of Maggie’s other brother, Samuel.

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