Homes & Gardens Virtual House Tour - 2021

NMain185JohnCary2021LRThe House Tour Committee has met with homeowners of six charming homes throughout Perinton to showcase unique properties with an array of architectural styles, including Federal, Colonial Revival, Greek Revival, Italianate, a log cabin, and several types of barns.

 The team has researched these properties, discovering many historical and quirky facts. They have written scripts detailing each home’s story. 

The Daniel and Minerva DeLand Home at 185 North Main Street.

LuciaNoah SidekickFilms2021In addition, the House Tour Team has enjoyed the delightful experience of working with Noah Lucia, founder of Sidekick Films, a talented young media professional.

Noah captured the essence of these properties with a drone mounted video camera, added current and historic still photos, and synched our narrated scripts with the visual component. He is creative and energetic – a joy to work with. From the moment he launches his drone and winds his way around a home and through yards and gardens, the excitement of seeing a property from all angles builds. He creates dramatic shots and highlights features that could easily be missed. 

The fact that this year’s tour is virtual allowed the committee to feature homes far and wide in Perinton. Tour goers will first stop at 185 North Main Street, a home built by Daniel DeLand, the founder of the DeLand Chemical Company.

Noah Lucia, of Sidekick Films, launches a drone camera.

They will move on to 2187 and 2381 East Whitney Road, homes owned by the prosperous Talman family, who farmed extensively and propagated the famous Talman Sweet apple in orchards on their land.

TurkHill1120vqLMcCormick2021Next, they will view the home at 1120 Turk Hill Road, where an early inhabitant of this property owned Perinton’s first threshing machine, a device for separating grain from husks and stalks.

This stunning Italianate home sits on a prominent hilltop at 1120 Turk Hill Road.

The next stop will be a home at 425 Aldrich Road, whose former address was 7752 Pittsford-Palmyra Road. This home was not moved. It was built on a toll road that charged $.06 for a horse to pass through and $.25 for a stagecoach.

Finally, they will visit a contemporary log cabin at 344 Loud Road, with its tranquil setting of a pond and gardens. 

The House Tour is a membership only event available for online viewing during the entire month of October. Members will receive a link to the tour in September. For members without online access, the tour will be shown at the Museum on Tuesday, October 19, 7 p.m., and on Sunday, October 24, 2 p.m. 

To learn how to join the Society go to our Membership page.



The tour will be of homes and gardens located throughout Perinton

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