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Historic Structures Committee

2007 to 2012


To serve as a resource to identify significant local historic structures; to promote public awareness and education about local historic structures; and to provide assistance to citizens, government, and other groups seeking information about local historic structures.



The committee with eight members was formed in 2007 under then Society President, Clark King. It disbanded in 2012, having completed several significant projects on behalf of the Society.



  • Lead the developed of an archival website for the committee's digital documentation. All of the research, photos, and completed inventory forms developed by the committee are located on this site.
  • Inventoried and photographed ninety properties to amend and update the Architectural Survey of the Village of Fairport prepared in 1976 by the Landmark Society of Western New York. Digital documentation was archived, and a binder of the information was created and added to the Museum's library.
  • Researched and recommended to the Fairport Historic Preservation Commission (FHPC) fifteen properties chosen for the Commission's attention. Documentation for these properties was made available to the Commission through the Society's archival site. As of 2012, eleven of these properties have been designated for preservation under the Fairport Historic Preservation Local Law.
  • Surveyed and photographed the village hitching posts and mounting blocks. Created a walking tour guide, and publicized the project on the website and through several newspaper articles. Recommended to the FHPC designation of these early village artifacts. Eighteen locations with twenty-six artifacts have now been designated landmarks.
  • Developed a web version of Society member Ruth Ewell's Architectural Style Guide. Styles with photos and easy to understand descriptions of the style and period are located on the site.
  • The group surveyed and photographed approximately eighty barns and carriage houses within the village. Several barns were visited, researched and inventoried. For more detail on the work of the committee see pages: Barn & Carriage Houses and the Tale of Two Barns.

Below are brief overviews of some of these completed projects:

Completed Projects:

Perinton Barns & Carriage Houses

When the Historic Structures Committee of the Society began this project it was to document the carriage houses and light farming barns located within the Village boundaries. There are many, and we were greatly interested in their history and purpose.

Our research took us in several directions. We read Barns of the Genesee Country by Daniel Fink and a number of other books and source materials. We transcribed and analyzed the 1850 U.S. Agricultural Census for Perinton to familiarize ourselves with the facts that were important to mid – 19th century farmers. Then we took a trip to Brockport to learn from the Historical Society there about their barn survey, and last fall we participated in the 'Barns of Pittsford' tour. We are now hooked on the history of barns, both urban and rural, their roots, their builders and their meaning for us.

The north side of the barn at 30 West Street has 
4 horse stall windows with an additional one boarded up.
There is also a small door on this side and a round window
at the peak with 2 pigeonholes below the window. The inside
horizontal supports show significant signs of cribbing.


We have looked at threshing floors, hayracks, hay tracks, granaries and haymows. We have learned and can define words like treenails (pronounced trunnels), hand hewn, timber framing, purlins, bank barns, gambrel roofs, stanchions, hill barns, swing beams, cribbing, and barn raisings. We learned the difference between English, Dutch and German barns. Does it matter? Yes!

Having progressed way beyond our original plan, we have joined a number of individuals across the state who are as curious as we are, wanting to know what these old barns can tell us about the people who raised them and the role barns have played over the years.

We don't know where this journey will take us as we explore these relics of Americana that are so near to us still. It has been a great trip so far. Please stay with us. 

We are always glad to hear from you. There are a number of barn structures in both the Village and the Town that we would like to document and photograph. Please contact the Museum or send a note via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have information to share or would like to help with our research.

For more on our area barns, visit Barn & Carriage Houses


Efforts to Preserve & Restore Carriage Barns

The Warners of 74 Roselawn Avenue and the Goods at 8 West Street have both recently restored their carriage barns. The complete story the Tale of Two Barns can be found under Preservation.


Architectural Style Guide

Hulburt-106-v1-JWhitney-2008-Web400The Committee is also developing a style guide to show examples of the many architectural styles represented in Perinton. Our guide is based on one that Ruth Ewell, a devoted PHS member, developed in 1988.

The present guide is an update to the original and will show details of the unique characteristics that adorn so many of our homes. Look for mansard roofs, pilasters, cupolas, cornices, and vergeboards in this pictorial guide. The guide also provides a brief summary of each style.

Through this project we hope to develop an awareness of the architectural styles in the area and encourage the preservation that will retain the charm and uniqueness of our community. On the left is an outstanding example of a Greek Revival. For more information see the  Architectual Style Guide.

1976 Survey Updated

The 1976 Landmark Society Architectural Survey done for the Village of Fairport was revisited and updated. This project required photographing and documenting the current condition of over 100 properties located within the Village. Survey Results.

Hitching Posts & Mounting Blocks Preserved

The committee has also identified and photographed the 33 remaining hitching posts and carriage steps located within the Village. The Fairport Historic Preservation Commission recently designated mounts and steps at 18 locations as historic landmarks. For more information, photos and a tour guide...


Efforts to Preserve  Barns

The Warners of 74 Roselawn Avenue and the Goods at 8 West Street  have both recently restored their carriage barns. The complete story A Tale of Two Barns can be found under Preservation.


Barn visits in the Village & Town:


This barn at 8 West Street has the original loft door with metal track and a round window in the peak.



There are two stall windows on the back of the barn at 8 West Street. One stall has a wooden hayrack, and hay drops to the stalls are visible in the floor of the loft.

The stall area is now a storage space with the sliding door shown in the above photo. This door fits a space now covered up on the north side that would have been large enough to bring a horse into the barn. There is also a grain bin under the stairs.



The barn at 30 West Street has mortise and tenon supports with treenails and is sided with vertical boards. The loft area is balloon framed. During the 1960's the structure was moved away from the property line, raised and placed on a new cinder block foundation. 



The upper floor of the barn at 30 West Street has a loft door with a winch.

For more examples visit, Barns & Carriage Houses


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