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Survey Results

Results of the 1976 Landmark Society Architectural Survey Amendment Project

2009 - The Historic Structures Committee has completed its assessment of the 270 structures designated red, green or yellow in the 1976 Landmark Society Architectural Survey of the village of Fairport. A red coding rates the structure to be of high merit, of highest importance to the city and should be preserved at whatever cost. A green coding rates the structure to be of utmost importance to the neighborhood and should be saved; a yellow coding rates these structures as a group, and makes them equally important as a high rated individual structure because as a group they make up a streetscape or neighborhood which is worth saving.

The purpose of this assessment was to determine how or if the structures changed in the intervening 35 years. Was the porch gone, an addition built, windows moved, architectural detail removed or had it remained the same? If there were modifications to the original structure was it a desecration of the original design? Or an addition tastefully added? If siding was added were house details removed? If any of these things occurred what was the impact on the coding? On the overall aesthetic value?

Below is a summary of the Committee findings.

Unchanged (172) 64%

Unchanged does not necessarily mean that modifications were not made. It means in the committee's opinion, the structure remains color coded as it was; perhaps improved, perhaps not, but not desecrated or its original design compromised.

Modified + (36) 13%

These are structures where the property has been positively maintained and/or enhanced.

Modified - (56) 21%

These are structures that have been altered enough to consider a coding change. And altered in such a way that the original detail or design would be difficult to replace or restore. Artificial siding is a major contributing factor for the decline of such structures.

Destroyed (6) 02%


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ARCHIVED August 2023. Please visit for current information.