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Shed Style: 1960 - 1990

BluhmRd353v1DDFritsch2015PRThe Shed style is the last of the very modern house styles developed at mid-century. It began as a second home house design, but went on to become popular as a suburban dwelling throughout the United States.

353 Bluhm Road, built in 1982,  in the Town of Perinton shows shed-roofed stuctures added to the main shed.

The “shed” look was achieved by splitting the gable-end form in half, then sliding one portion to the rear and downward. By adding other shed-roofed structures to the whole, it resulted in a multiple-directional mass of shapes. The most famous of these architect inspired developments of Shed style homes was Sea Ranch in California. Inspired by old farm buildings, shed-roofed and unpainted, these features were incorporated into the new designs. Untreated shingles and vertical, horizontal, or diagonal wood board cladding were favored. The wood cladding carried even to the chimneys.

TurkHillRecCtrv1DDFritsch2015WebExterior detail was frowned on and doorways were hidden from view. Architects continued to take advantage of the newly available glass technology, using: massive plate glass windows, ribbons of small, closely aligned windows high on a wall (clerestory); or tall narrow windows down the side of a room. The shed form/style fit into the environmentally aware ethos of the day: minimum disruption of the land, the use of solar, and an emphasis on natural, unadorned products. It was gone by the 1990s.

This building is the Perinton Recreation Center at 1350 Turk Hill Road.
It was built along with the Town Hall in 1979.



20 Bluhm Road in the Town of Perinton has more of a gable roof, but the long extensions make it more "shed" like. This house was built in 1981.








For an index of other styles that can be found in the Perinton area go to the Architectural Styles page in the History section.



This style has been used for commericial and in this case for a municipal building. The Perinton Town Hall  is at 1350 Turk Hill Road and is attached to the Perinton Recreation Center.

Another example of a municipal building is just down the road at 1400 Turk Hill Road. This is the Perinton Volunteer Ambulance building. (this view is of the back of the building)

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