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Split Level

Split  Level: 1935 - 1975

ClarksCrossg15v1DDFritsch2013WebThe Split Level house is a brand new form of the earlier Ranch style and was just as popular. It comes in two versions: the tri-level and the raised ranch.

This house at 15 Clarks Crossing is an example of a tri-level ranch with the main entrance and garage on the mid-level.

The living area of a tri-level ranch is divided among three primary spaces with short flights of steps in-between. The more sedate family living areas with the kitchen and a dining room are housed mid-level. The sleeping areas are on the highest level. The lower level held the more rambunctious "family room" area which, often included a television. The garage was usually connected to the lower level, but many are at mid-level, along with the main entrance to the house.

The raised ranch is a bi-level home because it occurs on two levels: the ground floor and the full floor above it. The main living area on the second floor is accessed by a flight of steps through a full story entry. 

Cladding materials, windows, doors and roof forms are all similar to the characteristics of the earlier Ranch house.

KurtRd20v1DDFritsch2015WebAt left is a Split Level house at 20 Kurt Road, Pittsford N.Y. It was built in 1961 and regardless of it's Pittsford address, is located in the town of Perinton.

It is suggested that Split Level houses were best suited to hilly settings where the lower levels can be sited to take advantage of the rolling landscape. They also appealed because they looked like a larger home and took up less land. This concept of multiple level living will be seen in both the Contemporary and Shed house styles that follow.


11 Briggs Avenue is a bi-level or raised ranch home, built in 1959. The garage was added in 1963. Note, the glassed in the vestibule and large bank of floor to ceiling windows on the main level. This appears to be the only house of this type in the village.








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11 Briggs Avenue was likely a part of the Fairport Meadows Subdivision, but built later than most of the houses in that area.



A tri-level located at 18 Kurt Road, Pittsford was built in 1961 and has the original wood cladding, a huge picture window, and porch overhang.

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