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DeLand House

DeLand House/Green Lantern Inn

1 East Church Street, Fairport, NY 14450

This article was written in 2008 and does not include any changes occurring since that time.

DeLand HouseThe DeLand family was extremely influential in Fairport’s early economic and social development.

The home of Henry DeLand was constructed in 1874. It is the most visible reminder of the status of the DeLand family in Fairport in the late nineteenth century.

The French Chateau* home is the most elaborately designed example of Second Empire architecture in the area. The foundation trim, door, and window casings are made of Medina sandstone; portions of the roof are the mansard style. The most imposing architectural feature is the three-story central tower.

Thus photo is of the south side of the house that is on East Church Street.

The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was converted to an inn early in the twentieth century. The Green Lantern Inn functioned as a banquet facility for many years, and is a popular fixture in the Fairport community.

The DeLand House was designed by John Rochester Thomas.

For more on the DeLand House, download the article written by Bill Poray, Perinton Town Historian - A Surprise in the History of Henry DeLand’s Home.

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DeLand House

Above is a postcard image of the DeLand House when it
was called Villa Rosenburg.

The most imposing architectural feature is the three-story
central tower that you can see in the photo to the left.


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* Editors note: The National Register of Historic Places application for this structure states that the style is Second Empire or French Mansard. The reference to Chateauesque, a revival style is based on French Renaissance architecture. It is likely refered to as Chateauesque, because the elaborate towners, spires, and steeply pitched roof. (2015)

DeLand House
Front porch and bay with rounded glass windows.

Deland House Roof and Dormers
Mansard roof, dormers and elaborate brackets under the eaves.

DeLand House Mansard Roof
Two-story bay with a tower on the East Church Street side of the house.

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