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Kraai House

Kraai House & Carriage House

84 South Main Street, Fairport NY 14450

This article was written in 2008 and does not include any changes occurring since that time.

Kraii House

The Kraai House at 84 South Main Street is one of the oldest houses in the Village. The north section was built in 1852. Stephen Beardsley bought this property from the Solomon Mallet who started farming the area before 1826. The house is Italianate with many of the identifying features of Italianate architecture. It’s a 2 story brick house with a low pitched hip roof and widely overhanging eaves. The eaves are supported by decorative brackets with a wooden “cannon ball’ hanging from each. The tall narrow windows have stone sills with stone lintels. The south wing was added in 1872 and has less ornate interior woodwork than the north wing.

When looking at photos from the early 1900’s, one notices today that the front porch has been removed. The house had extensive renovations in the early 1950’s removing the stucco and the veranda style porch. At this time, a 2 story addition was added to the back of the house and the present front entrance was added. The transom light and sidelights appear to be original.

Kraii House

The photo from 1937 shows a veranda style porch that was later removed.


Dr. John Kraai purchased this property in 1936. Dr. Kraai was the last of many doctor owners of this property beginning with Dr. Jay Bennett and his wife, Minnie DeLand. Dr. Kraai's office in the north part of the home was familiar to many; he was a beloved doctor who could count approximately 25% of the Perinton population as his patients between 1936 and 1985.

The carriage house behind the home has also received historic designation. It shows on the 1885 Burleigh Map of Fairport. When Diane Prince purchased the Kraai property in the late 1980's, she replaced the exterior clapboards, refinished the floors in the loft and replaced main doors. The interior of the carriage house hasn't changed much. The doors move on huge hinges and the horse stalls still have small windows with a view toward the north. In the 1950's the loft was used by a group of weavers: Helen Hutchinson, Betty Kraai, Mrs. Allen Ives and the Hupps.

This property is adjacent to the First Baptist Church, which is on the National Historic Registry and a village of Fairport Historic Landmark. Designating both these properties provides historic continuity to the four corners area of the Village.


For more information on the FHPC and designated landmarks, go to the village preservation page or the village website.


Kraii House
The Kraai House in 1976

Kraai Carriage House
Front of the Carriage House above and side view below in 2008

Kraai Carriage House

Kraii Carriage House
The north side of the Carriage House

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