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Posts & Mounts

Relics of Horse & Buggy Days - Designated Landmarks

In March of 2011 the Fairport Historic Preservation Commission (FHPC) designated as landmarks, hitching posts and mounting blocks (carriage steps) located on 18 properties in the Village. By designating them, the Commission hopes to protect them for future generations and highlight a very unique feature of Fairport. These artifacts are from an age when the horse and buggy were the transportation of the day.

Fairport is fortunate to have 28 locations where hitching posts and carriage steps are still standing. Several of these locations have both posts and blocks for a total of 36 artifacts. The Village has more of these relics than any community of its size in NYS.

The posts and steps are relics of a not too distant past when livery stables, blacksmith shops, hitching posts and watering troughs lined Main Street. They represent Fairport history when the mode of transportation was by horseback, carriage, sleigh or stagecoach, a way of life no longer remembered today.

"When members of the World Canal Conference visited Fairport last summer, they wanted to see the hitching posts and mounting blocks.", says Perinton Historical Society President, Catherine Angevine. "That tells you what rare treasures they are and how important it is to protect them. We are very pleased that the Fairport Historic Preservation Commission selected them for historic preservation'."

The Perinton Historical Society's Structure Committee has documented these wonderful artifacts and developed a self-guided tour. To see these relics of the Village's past visit the Museum at 18 Perrin for a tour guide of all these artifact in the Villageo download a PDF of the guide.

The designated hitching posts and/or mounting blocks are primarily located on the treelawn area of the property and are visible from the walkway:

The following artifacts are located in the southwest area of the Village:

1 East Church Street - 1 mounting block (medina sandstone), 2 hitching posts (medina sandstone on concrete)

10 East Church - mounting block (medina stone)

68 Hulburt Avenue - mounting block (granite) Note, this has been removed

53 Roselawn Avenue - 2 hitching posts, 1 mounting block inscribed; Silver (concrete)

98 Roselawn Avenue -2 step mounting block

61-63 West Avenue - mounting block (limestone)

68 West Avenue on 12 Beardsley Avenue - mounting block (medina sandstone)

83 West Avenue - 2- step mounting block, 2 hitching posts (limestone)

111 West Avenue - mounting block inscribed, Hitchcock (marble)

120 West Avenue - hitching post (marble) along driveway

144 West Avenue - mounting block (medina sandstone)

155 West Avenue - mounting block (marble)

54 West Church Street - hitching post (medina sandstone), located on the West Street side

36 West Street - mounting block (marble), inscribed; J. Duncan

42 West Street - mounting block (stone)

22 West Street - hitching post (concrete)

30 West Street - mounting block (concrete)

The following artifact is located in the northeast area of the:

26 East Street - mounting block (concrete)

Additional artifacts are on the home owners property in various locations. Several of these are included in the designation of the home. For more information about these artifacts and a complete list visit Hitching Posts and Mounting Blocks Tour.


For more information on the Fairport Historic Preservation Commission and designated landmarks, go to the village website at or to the Village Preservation page.


Hitching Post at 1 East Church St., Fairport, NY

Hitching Post at 1 East Church

Posts and a Mount at 53 Roselawn, Fairport, NY

53 Roselawn has 2 posts and a mount

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